Bitcoin Change App

makes it easy to Exchange your Bitcoins in more than 50 Altcoins. Quickly, without KYC and without risky Exchange.


Exchange Bitcoins, Ethereum or any other of the Top 100 Altcoins within minutes into your favourite Crypto without KYC and completely anonymously. 


Isn't it cool to quickly exchange anoynmously?

You're on the go and market is crashing but you got Bitcoins in your Ledgerwallet or any other Wallet?

Lets just open the App (Available for iOS and Play Store) and convert your BTC into XRP.

Scan your Original BTC Wallet Source Adress and the destination XRP Wallet Adress.

You'll receive a new BTC Adress where you the BitcoinChange App waits for your deposit. Send it to that QR Code and its done!

From your Wallet into your Wallet! Because its your money!

I really wanted to write a long review about this awesome application, but something came in the way. Bottomline, the app works really well and I am happy I found it!



The Application doesnt want your information, userdata or KYC. Also the Exchange doesnt need any signup. So you can exchange your Bitcoins into another crypto without beeing tracked! Cheers!


Our App shows your recent Crypto transactions even if you're not having an Account. See what you spent already over the application and check the exchanging status

Choose your coin

Select your Source Coin and select the destination Cryptocurrency you want to exchange. Type in which amount you want to exchange and start!

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